Coaching with Gerard Tilt

Head coach Gerard Tilt has been with our club for over 30 years.

Member Testimonials

Couldn’t ask for a more comitted and dedicated coach, a great asset to the club! | Fleur 17/06/22

Both Gerard and Dave are great assets to the club.
Gerard brings on adult players new to tennis as well as improving the skills of experienced players. He enthuses young players with the love of the game and is great at motivating teenagers to maintain their interest and enthusiasm for the game.
Dave is great at bringing on new adult players and youngsters with his gentle encouragement. 
Both coaches are dedicated to the club and its players young and old, making them feel welcome whatever their standard or experience. We are so lucky to have them both at Stourport. | Kathy 19/06/22

Our family moved to this club because of Gerard, he is brilliant! | Tom 01/05/21

Gerard-he has a unique and special quality of being both extremely kind and caring on a personal level and also being dedicated to each tennis player to help them to continuously improve their game. Dave-whilst newer to the game of tennis, he is extremely passionate about improving both his and other peoples tennis. | Hannah 17/06/22

Gerard treats everyone as an individual and works with you to improve your game no matter what level.  He always reminds you theres always another ball…. And is really patient in explaining techniques to me in a way that I can understand because we all learn differently. We are lucky to have such a committed coach. | Jo 17/06/22

My daughter loves her tennis coaching sessions with Gerard, a fantastic coach and a lovely group of children my daughter trains with. They all support and help each other and cheer each other on. | Donna 17/06/22

Stourport tennis club should be thankful that they have such a long standing & dedicated tennis coach. Gerard has more than proved his loyalty to the club and continues to provide quality coaching to all ages and abilities. My Grandson Leo has grown in confidence & his tennis playing is a pleasure to watch. Who needs Wimbledon! This is all thanks to Gerards encouragement & guidance! I think some of the senior members sometimes forget that these lovely junior players are the senior players in the making and if it wasn’t for Gerard & a few others who turn out rain or shine week after week to    guide our young players then Stourport may not have a future!? Well done! | Sandra 17/06/22

Gerard has been with Stourport Tennis and Squash club as a coach for many years and is an incredible asset to the club. I have never met a man before so passionate and dedicated to his sport. An outstanding coach, no matter your age or ability, whether you are 5 or 75. A person who's mentality is truly 'inclusive'. Gerard regularly attends training courses in his own time whether it's the latest safeguarding updates or tennis coaching techniques, he is always at the top of his game. He has a huge amount of patience and strives to improve the game of every player through his encouragement and motivation. | Xylia 18/06/22

Dave Morgan has been a coach at STSC for a few years now and is so incredibly dedicated to the club and to the sport. Dave plays, coaches and manages all of the mixed tennis teams and puts in an incredible amount of effort into doing so. Dave has supported Gerard with his coaching to both junior and women's sections, and we would have been lost without him on a Wednesday night, supporting the new ladies that have joined us over the last couple of years. I am so appreciative of not only Gerard but also Dave, Hayley and all the coaching team at STSC  for their efforts at the club and would like to say a huge thank you for being so committed, dedicated kind and supportive to everyone. | Xylia 18/06/22

My son Jacob has improved so much under Gerards instruction. He really pushes the kids to reach their full potential whilst keeping it fun. My son has also made some lovely new friends since joining the tennis club, as have I. | Emily 19/06/22

Since joining STC a few years ago my son’s tennis has come on considerably. Gerard is a superb instructor, he has the perfect balance between being assertive and clear whilst making the game enjoyable for the kids. He’s nurtured a lovely group of children and they are all now at competition standard, some even representing county. Gerard is an outstanding instructor, player and member of the community, the club would be nothing without him. | Richard 20/06/22

Dougie our son has grown up around the tennis club as my husband Scott joined that club about 30 years ago and myself 13 years ago, both coached by Gerard and for the past year our daughter started having coaching also . Gerard started to coach our son Dougie at the age of 3, he's now 11 and still loving it as much . Gerard is a pot of gold for stourport tennis club for all he does for the tennis players and the amount of people he has couched and now there children, he goes above and beyond for all. He is a treasure who should be looked after we are lucky to have him. | Jen 20/06/22

Gerard, Hayley & David have been fantastic coaches. Our son tried out a tennis summer camp day last year and went on to train twice a week at the club, he’s loved the coaching and his game has progressed so much in a year. His younger brother is now training once a week as well and he’s also enjoying it. It’s a fantastic club, everyone is friendly, we really recommend it. | Emma & Joe 27/07/22

Gerard and David create a positive environment where it allows adults and children to learn and develop their tennis abilities. Both coaches are encouraging and also drive their students to improve. Gerard has been my coach for 8 years and over time I have seen my skills develop.  Gerard is very professional in his coaching  and passionate about improving and wanting people to be the best that they can be. Furthermore, Gerard is a kind and friendly coach, that you can easily talk to. Even though I have not been coached by David, he has been my doubles partner for some mixed matches and he is very motivating and pushes me in matches to win and picks up my spirts if it is a bad game. | Lydia 01/08/22